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I have years of experience with food allergies. Our coaching course is customizable. We will learn about you and your needs before we start.  

Discover How to Optimize Brain Function with a Healthy Lifestyle and Fit it into Your Busy Lifestyle

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has many time saving habits to fit into your busy lifestyle. Time management is just another habit you can develop in no time at all. The results will be so thrilling you’ll look forward to practicing time-saving tricks and want to tell all your friends. These habit changes alone will enhance brain function but wait until you see what diet can do for your brain. 

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Can you develop healthy habits in just 21-days? Can you train your taste buds to love crispy, green, leafy veggies over sickeningly sweet gooey carbs? I believe you can do it. You will feel so light when you roll out of bed smiling without any pain. You’ll appreciate the lack of bloat in just days when you eat for wellness. Get used to smiling now. 

Having Trouble Finding Clarity and Focus?

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Has brain fog stood in the way of your getting things done? Do you find you’re easily distracted? Do words slip away from you? If you’re like me, I never had a problem spelling words throughout all my school years. Then, I started relying on the search engines for spelling. Memory and all these brain functions do not have to slip away with age. You may have believed some of the ads on television promoting medications with side-affects that don’t really help with memory at all. There are natural ways to enhance the brain. You are not stuck with the brain you were born with. Recent studies have shown you can change you brain.

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain: How to Gain Optimal Health for Optimal Brain Function

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How I can Help

I am here as a conduit of the information I’ve researched for my own health problems. A pipeline to bring you wellness or help maintain it. I can show you facts regarding preventing and reversing diseases and conditions that are being treated with drugs and destroying the human biome. There is a better way as many natural cures and preventatives are available. 

There are four areas I can cover to give you a good start on your way to wellness and reversing disease and conditions that are troubling you.

#1 Essential Eating Habits

 We’ll discuss not only diet but supplements and their place in your wellness.

#2 Essential: Exercise Habits

What’s right for you? What are your limitations (if any) and how to possibly work around them?

#3 Essential: Elimination Habits

Discussing toxins and how to best eliminate the waste that may be preventing weight loss. 

#4 Essential: Emotional Health Habits.

Join our coaching course for community.  One of the greatest human needs is to experience a feeling of belonging. 

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

Fighting for balance comes in many forms but it is well worth the effort. Rest, recreation, exercise, and work/career, family, extended family are just a few. But eating for wellness more often than for comfort is not as hard as it seems. The better you feel, the more encouraged you are to continue the habit that relieves pain, boosts your self-esteem, increases confidence in your ability to succeed.  Click here to discover all you will get for an incredibly low investment since it’s an introductory course. 21- day, faith-based coaching course. 

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Nutrition

Laughter is good medicine. If you are having fun and laughing, you will want to continue learning. Boring is out. Kick it to the curb. We will have fun and discover our true desires and ability to succeed. 

“Several years ago, my heart rate was slow enough for my primary doctor to send me to a cardiologist. The cardiologist noticed a previous diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. He said, “then you must have been tested for lupus. That’s the usual path when you are diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.” On to the next doctor to be tested for lupus. That doctor’s assistant said I tested positive for lupus and sent me for more testing to a rheumatologist. In the meantime, Marlene suggested reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live. I learned that his protocol for patients diagnosed with Lupus is a strict plant-based diet. So, I got started on the diet right away, while waiting the doctor’s reports.

In the end, it turned out the Lupus diagnosis was not correct, but the plant-based diet helped in several ways. It eased my joint pain, brought my cholesterol down, and I lost that last six pounds I’d been trying to lose for some time. I would recommend Marlene’s coaching because she has done the research, followed the protocol of nutrition-minded doctors who meet the needs of individuals, knowing we are all created uniquely.

Kathy Burton

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