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This company was established to be a conduit of information for the reader. there’s nothing new under the sun. all information is researched cited from hospitals, medical professionals, expert researchers and scientist or ordinary people who have experienced situations that inspired them to help others through what they have learned about their own health. Owner: marlene a hibbard, hideous health habits, shells to clay press

Author of the upcoming kindle book healthy body healthy brain: how to gain optimal health for optimal brain function.

Having Trouble Finding Clarity and Focus?

Custom Plans & Coaching for Your Specific Goals

Has brain fog stood in the way of your getting things done? Do you find you’re easily distracted? Do words slip away from you? If you’re like me, I never had a problem spelling words throughout all my school years. Then, I started relying on the search engines for spelling. Memory and all these brain functions do not have to slip away with age. You may have believed some of the ads on television promoting medications with side-affects that don’t really help with memory at all. There are natural ways to enhance the brain. You are not stuck with the brain you were born with. Recent studies have shown you can change you brain.

My Story

Meet Marlene Hibbard , Health Coach

I’m Marlene Hibbard, creator of this course, owner of hideoushealthhabits.com, and author of the upcoming Healthy Body Healthy Brain: How to Gain Optimal Health for Optimal Brain Function, I’ve shared tidbits of my story in the first chapter of the above mentioned Kindle book. I read everything I could to find relief for pain, numbness, and discomfort from intolerance of different foods. My research taught me the connection between foods and brain function, weight gain, and the importance of accountability. Now I want others to benefit from this research. I want to save you the time by sharing the steps it takes to switch to healthy lifestyle, especially in the area of eating habits.

My Approach

We’ve done some serious research to save you the trouble. You may be surprised at what’s giving you migraines, lethargy, joint pain and more. Here’s what you can expect from 21-day sample coaching course. By following the protocol for 21 days gleaned from experts in healthy lifestyle, you’ll find satisfaction and the will to continue on the success path. 

Unique Framework

We are made with a need for other people. In the very beginning God said it was not good that man should be alone. We need each other. Accountability is the key to consistency. Most successful people have a multitude of mentors.

I want to thank Marlene for her superior coaching skills and caring about my success. He persistence and concern helped me through the questionable moments and her strength kept me going when my momentary weakness started to show.
Brenda Ballast

Lost 45lbs in 4 months