A MERRY HEART IS LIKE MEDICINE. It’s a clue to our well-being. A sour

attitude can make you sick. According to the Bible, anger can rot your bones. If

your goal is happiness, it comes from an inner joy, and shows on your face and

in your body language. You can’t fake it til you make with happiness.

What to do Instead:

Get your mind off the stress by exercising. I was totally stressed

over our recent re-location and took a swim. It energized me to

work harder when I returned to the unpacking. The therapy of water relieved my

muscles and the deep breathing invigorated me. It changed my inner joy.

All things work together for good, so, let’s add things that work

together with emotional health for all-over well-being.

Second Letter in our Acronym:

E = Eating habits. Healthy diets include living foods, like leafy green 

veggies. Even when you slip and eat those so-called comfort foods with all those

refined carbs, add fresh raw greens.

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, they create a lubricant-like substance

or gel in the veins that helps those heavy foods to slide down to the liver,

and rid those buggers from your body forever. Of course, ideally, let’s stick

with healthier foods and still get the benefits of these God-given fresh, colorful,  delicious, and nutritious foods from the garden.

H= Happy E= Eating habits in our acronym for H E A L T H

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