Acronym Health                                                                                                                                            by Marlene A Hibbard  H E A L T H H = happy  Happiness and inner joy come from within. The seat of the emotions. We’ve all heard this ancient truth. A MERRY HEART IS LIKE MEDICINE. It’s a clue to our well-being. A sour attitude can make you sick. According to the Bible, anger can rot your bones. What to do Instead: Get your mind off the stress by exercising. I was totally stressed over our recent re-location and took a swim. It energized me to work harder when I returned to the unpacking. The therapy of water relieved my muscles and the deep breathing invigorated me. All things work together for good, so, let’s add things that work together with emotional health for all-over well-being. Second Letter in our Acronym: E = Eating habits. Healthy diets include living foods, like leafy green veggies. Even when you slip and eat those so-called comfort foods with all those refined carbs, add fresh raw greens. According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, they create a lubricant-like substance or gel in the veins that helps those heavy foods to slide down to the liver, and rid those buggers from your body forever. Of course, ideally, let’s stick with healthier foods and still get the benefits of these God-given fresh, colorful,  delicious, and nutritious foods from the garden. H= Happy E= Eating habits in our acronym for H E A L T H A = Act  A is for act,  3rd Letter of our acronym. Many who haven’t even intentionally studied healthy eating have observed some basics about what a good diet contains. We need roughage, proteins from vegetables meat raised with nutrition in mind, and fruit. But observing is only the first step. We must act on those facts. We know fast foods are mostly dangerously fried in unhealthy fats. Now it’s time to act on that knowledge. If you care about your health and your family’s health, you’ll want to act on the knowledge you already have and learn all you can by following this blog. Did you take action by submitting your email to receive the free 7 Top Tips for Slimming Without Starving? If not here’s  the link to that page. L = Longevity Healthy habits make it more likely you’ll be here to see the grandchildren live their lives. Of course, you’ve been told that heredity has much to do with how long you live. But some of those problems that filter down can be prevented or reversed. Just follow the healthy habits we’re promoting and see. There is a wealth of information for natural cures, healthy eating, organic foods, meats that exclude toxins and drugs. Meats that are safe for human consumption. T = Talk Talk to someone who has done their research. Find the right doctor for you and tell them of your family health history. Follow natural doctors online and read their books. They aren’t trying to collect big insurance checks by testing you unnecessarily. King Solomon, in all his wisdom, continually tells us in his writings to seek wisdom from many counsellors. There are support groups, oh, wait, I am starting a coaching course. Tell me about your health goals so I can gear it to your needs. H = Heart Heart. Likely the most vital organ in our bodies, we are created uniquely. We have different needs. If your general physician feels you have a heart or related condition you may be referred to a cardiologist. If you have a family history of heart failure or heart disease be sure to let your doctor know. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will have problems. It could be lifestyle caused their problems. Don’t neglect this vital organ. To be consistent in practicing habits we know are best for our health, we need community. God made us with a need for like-minded companions. It is not good that man should be alone, is found in Genesis.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 (ESV) says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.”

Learn more by checking out this link. Could our coaching course be right for you? https://hideoushealthhabits and see the page titled what-you-get-coaching-health Disclaimer: Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is from medical advisors who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.

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