,Marlene A Hibbard put off late nights
Put on healthy sleep habits.
This will require a transformation stage. If you are currently in the habit of being awake well after 9:30 pm, you will definitely struggle to get to sleep earlier. You need to start at the beginning of the day to make that happen. According to Dr. Daniel Amen, brain expert, 7 hours of sleep allows your brain to be cleansed of toxins
· Make day 1 of your transformation for healthier sleep a not-at-the-job day. A day when rising earlier will not mean falling asleep at work or being drowsy driving a truck. For instance, get up an hour earlier than you do on a work day.
· Spend some time in fresh air on day one of new sleep habits (lots of time if possible)
· Exercise in the fresh air if possible on day one so you can get to sleep earlier (gardening, lawn work, running. Something that encourages deep breathing.
· Eat your last meal 3 hours before bedtime so your body isn’t working so hard on digestion. No evening snacks on day one.
· If you wake before rising time and can’t get back to sleep, try doing deep breathing (see menu at top of this page).  
· Turn off devices at least 30 minutes before bed time to allow for more restful sleep
· Put off the lights in your bedroom — Put on red night lights in the bathroom to save shocking your eyes if you get up in the middle of the night
· Make early to bed early to rise a habit and you’ll feel like a new person
Suggestion: Read CHANGE YOUR BRAIN CHANGE YOUR LIFE by Daniel Amen
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