Hey, do you ever wonder if your supplements are doing you any good? Can supplements really improve your health?
Well, I have a story to tell you. I’m Marlene Hibbard with hideous health habits. I had an unusual experience while caring for my eight-month-old grandson. He liked walking along the couch cushions holding onto the back of the couch. I would keep my arms outstretched and slide my bottom back and forth to prevent him from falling off.
But one day like a mindless robot, I got up and left him there alone. I walked to the kitchen. I began fixing his lunch and it wasn’t even near lunchtime. I wasn’t even aware of his desperate moaning indicating he needed help until I heard a thump and load cry. I came to mentally, it kind of snapped me out of the fog I was in. I ran to him. comforted him and checked for injuries, and put some ice on his rug-burned forehead. Not until then did I realize I had heard his moans for help but it wasn’t registering to act upon his need. Why?
What could have caused this brain malfunction? I believe it was because in getting to his home mornings, I had frequently been neglecting to take my supplements for brain function. That’s when you know whether your supplements are helping, if you stop taking them and noticed the difference. Now, not all supplement neglect will be that easy to determine. but that’s why there are so many misconceptions about whether supplements can improve your health.
Misconceptions about the effectiveness arise because the quality of brands are not all the same. You may not be aware of the best brands and their quality. After we talk about the mistakes people make we will reveal some information about quality and what you can do instead of guessing.

Common Mistakes Made About Taking Supplements

• It’s possible some supplements are not being absorbed due to their poor quality. But you may also be making one of three mistakes when taking them.

• Did you know certain vitamins can nullify the effects of other vitamins or even your prescription drugs. For instance, calcium should not be taken at the same time as thyroid medication or it will render your thyroid meds inefficient. It’s important to read the paper work that comes with your prescription medications. This stipulation was noted on my thyroid notice. Calcium and magnesium are usually taken in higher doses than other supplements. If you are taking 250 milligrams of either of those you should take them 2 hours before or after meals or other supplements.

• On the other hand, do you know vitamin C taken with food containing iron or iron supplements can actually enhance the iron absorption.
• The lack of awareness about fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). They are more likely to be absorbed if taken with a meal that contains healthy fats. That’s something I must confess. I had been taking my vitamin D with all my other vitamins and not necessarily with a healthy fat, until I prepared this article for you. At least one report showed that if vitamin D was taken with an evening meal, then it was showing up 50% higher in blood work.
Combating Misconceptions and Mistakes:
Awareness can start with my blog page titled Supplement Benefits at https://HideousHealthHabits.com
Let your wisdom guide you by using this knowledge responsibly rather than throwing your hands up and deciding, “It’s all too much to think about so I just won’t take any”.

Let your wisdom guide you by using this knowledge responsibly rather than deciding it’s all too much to think about so I just won’t take any. In the end, the big thing to remember is that

1. Calcium and Magnesium should be taken alone
two hours from food and other supplements since they are usually higher dosages such as 250mg.
2. Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K…better absorbed with meals containing healthy fats.
3. Vitamin C can help iron absorption.
4. Taking vitamins with food can reduce gastrointestinal side-effects. Taking iron with food can reduce the chance of stomach upset.
5. Read the concerns and cautions that come with your prescription medications from pharmacy.
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